This is a course in which teachers can help build school-wide technology resources for teaching. It is meant to be built over time. We will work on this in the 2014-2015 school year.

The site will be updated and combined with the resources at to produce a useful tech resources toolkit.

This is a Moodle site with resources woven together collaboratively by the ISK school community.

This is a collection of places ISK students can visit to actively participate in "An Hour of Code".  To  help educate all students, parents, teachers, and the public about the critical need for providing coding experiences to all our students, many leaders in coding and programming adventures have created interactive tutorials as a jumping off point.

If we like this course page, I will start upgrading with more opportunities for our students to learn code, and some applications for creating apps.  

Kathleen Chromicz, HOD  Educational Technology Department